• 24- Priorities

Episode 24: Priorities

In this episode we talk about we set priorities, the emotions behind them, and what happens when things don't quite work out the way we've planned. Listen in! Join us as we cover... Last episode of season two! How we differ regarding priorities How emotions impact priorities [...]

  • 23- Values

Episode 23: Values

In this episode we talk about the importance of core values in our lives, how to determine your values and the impact of values played out in community. It's a beautiful thing! Join us as we cover... Big news for Kristl + Rachel When you share values, [...]

  • Episode 22

Episode 22: Joyful Alignment with Anna Guest-Jelley

This week we're so pumped to have Anna Guest-Jelly on the show! Anna Guest-Jelley is founder and CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) of Curvy Yoga, a training and inspiration portal offering classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, a virtual yoga studio and lots of love and support to people of [...]

  • 21- Achievement

Episode 21: Achievement

In this episode we talk about achievement, and how to disconnect your sense of self worth from it. Join us as we cover... Unlocking achievements in games and life How we like to get "A’s," but whether "A’s" mean anything Finding inside worthiness vs external worthiness Creating [...]

  • Episode20- Amy Love

Episode 20: Putting Dreams into Action with Amy Love

This week we are more than thrilled to have Amy Love on the show! Amy is a nutritional therapist and online business strategist. She has recovered from chronic illness through real food nutrition and now she and her husband are living the dream, living a location independent  [...]

  • Episode 19- Michelle McGlade

Episode 19: Empowered Entrepreneurship with Michelle McGlade

This week we are so excited to have the lovely Michelle McGlade with us on the show! Michelle is a business mentor for women entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry who desire to take the leap from local biz owner to online biz maven. Combining her corporate backstory [...]

  • Episode 18- Authenticity

Episode 18: Authenticity with Diane Pauley

This week we are super excited to have Diane Pauley with us! Diane Pauley is a radical business coach teaching heart + soul women entrepreneurs how to reinvent the business wheel, create purposeful businesses and lead movements of love that attract their special someones. The best way to [...]

  • Episode 17

Episode 17: Habits

In this episode we talk about habits, how we create them, who's better at them, and how to infuse them with joy. Join us as we cover... How to start flossing - date Kristl We discuss the habit forming types - Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, Rebel Joyful habits [...]

  • Episode 16- Kathleen Shannon

Episode 16: Joy vs. Happiness with Kathleen Shannon

This week we are more than thrilled to have Kathleen Shannon with us! Kathleen Shannon co-owns Braid Creative with her sister where she does branding and coaching for creative entrepreneurs and co-hosts the Being Boss podcast where she dishes out insights and struggles for other solopreneurs (or side-hustlers) [...]